Quick Start Guide

Build Process

1. Check out the code from GIT repository

    git clone https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/ranger.git
    cd ranger

Alternatively, you can checkout the code from github:

    git clone https://github.com/apache/ranger
    cd ranger

2. Execute the following commands to build Apache Ranger:

    export JAVA_HOME=%jdk 8 Home%
    mvn -DskipTests=false clean package

3. Once build completes successfully, you should see a number of TAR files in the target folder, like the one below:


Verifying Release download

1. Download the release source archive file, apache-ranger-%version-number%.tar.gz

2. Download PGP signature for the downloaded archive file, which usaully named as apache-ranger-%version-number%.tar.gz.asc

3. Get the keys used to sign the releases for verification. https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/release/ranger/KEYS

    gpg --import KEYS
    gpg --fingerprint key-id

4. Execute the following command to verify the release

    gpg --verify apache-ranger-%version-number%.tar.gz.asc apache-ranger-%version-number%.tar.gz 

More details on verifying downloaded files can be found here.

Importing Apache Ranger Project into Eclipse

    1. Create a Eclipse workspace called 'ranger'
    2. Import maven project from the root directory where ranger source code is downloaded and build using the following command:
    export JAVA_HOME=%Jdk 8 Home%
    mvn -DskipTests=false clean package
    mvn eclipse:eclipse

Deployment Process

Installation Host Information

    1. Ranger Admin Tool Component (ranger-%version-number%-admin.tar.gz) should be installed on a host where Policy Admin Tool web application runs on port 6080 (default).
    2. Ranger User Synchronization Component (ranger-%version-number%-usersync.tar.gz) should be installed on a host to synchronize the external user/group information into Ranger database via Ranger Admin Tool.
    3. Ranger Component plugin should be installed on the same nodes as the component:
      - HDFS Plugin needs to be installed on Name Node hosts
      - Hive Plugin needs to be installed on HiveServer2 hosts
      - HBase Plugin needs to be installed on both Master and Regional Server nodes.
      - Knox Plugin needs to be installed on Knox hosts.
      - Storm Plugin needs to be installed on Storm hosts.
      - ..and similarly for other plugins like Atlas, Kafka, Kylin, Ozone, Presto, Solr, YARN

Installation Process

    1. Download the tar.gz file into a temporary folder in the host where it needs to be installed.
    2. Expand the tar.gz file into /usr/lib/ranger/ folder
    3. Go to the component name under the expanded folder (e.g. /usr/lib/ranger/ranger-%version-number%-admin/)
    4. Modify the install.properties file with appropriate variables
    5. If the module has setup.sh, execute:
    If the setup.sh file does not exist, execute: